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Mistress Kiara

Spoiled Princess and all around BITCH, I will bring you to your knees and make you so addicted that you will BEG Me to never let you leave...<br /> <br /> I want nothing more than to hear your cries, wimpers, and moans while you are teased and tortured for My own sadistic pleasures. It is obvious that your place in life is serving a Superior Goddess, and that Goddess is Me. I am stronger, smarter, sexier, and just plain better than anyone - especially you.<br /> <br /> I learned that I was Superior at a young age, and have since been using that knowledge to exploit men to get waht I want and deserve. I give no thought to what you think you need or want - your only purpose in calling Me is to prove your willingness and desire to serve a Perfect Goddess.<br /> <br /> Be careful - you are taking your life into your own hands when you pick up the phone to call this Goddess. It only takes one session to become addicted to the rush you&amp;#039;ll get from serving Perfection. And once you&amp;#039;re hooked, there is no looking back. you will have no qualms about giving up anything and everything to serve your Mistress.<br /> <br /> My favorite fetishes include: blackmail, hypnosis, money slavery &amp;amp; financial domination, sissification &amp;amp; forced bi, cuckolding, humiliation (including public humiliation), forced intoxication, smoking, anal training and punishment, body worship, chastity, small penis humiliation, cock &amp;amp; ball torture, teasing and denial, key holding, strap on play, and many more! Think of it this way - if it involves Me over you then it is something I will probably enjoy.
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5 - 60 min