British Bratz

You're totally fucked

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Posted: 02/17/2019
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Category: Femdom POV
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Mindfuck , Humiliation , Goddess Worship , Cock Tease , Female Domination

Wow this addiction has really taken a hold of you. Do you even remember life before Femdom? Is it all a blur? Is Femdom all you know now.

You’ve tried so hard haven’t you to quit. To walk away, to start again and forget it all but has it happened? Has all those hours in the Therapists office helped? All the cash you spent on hopefully being ‘fixed’ was it a waste? Would you have preferred to spend it all on me, getting your dick hard and cumming like the little loser cunt that you are. Of course. You don’t even care that your wife will divorce you now that you’re back in your happy place. You don’t care about anything but getting what you need. You’re a true addict, you didn’t want help, you didn’t want curing you. All you were doing was denying yourself of what truly makes you happy. Now you’ve had a break, it’s only going to be worse you do know that. Your addiction will be well and truly unstoppable, you will be a true Femdom junkie now. You will shut out any normal living, you will be glued to your computer screen and slowly draining not only your balls but your wallet too. You’re totally fucked and both you and I love it. You’re back where you belong my little bitch so start making up for lost time.