You're ALL Weak

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Posted: 02/12/2017
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You're ALL weak for me, no man can resist, whether you're a loser or an alpha male you just can't help but get so hard for me, I make you hard, you make me money. You just can't resist me, you go so mindless for me, completely losing all of your senses and just thinking with that pathetic little dick of yours. Your cocks make you weak and I'm going to take advantage of that and make you even weaker. Because you can't control your little cocks - I'm going too. You're no match for me & my bottom. This is exactly why I rinse you, my body weakens you, it destroys you, you cannot control yourself and it feels so, so good. I'm just going to take advantage of you and those tiny little pricks that you just can't stop touching. I'm just going to laugh at you and humiliate you - it turns you on even more though, everything I do just turns you on, its why I can manipulate you so easily. I just flash my arse in a tiny little thong and that's it, you're gone, you're history. I own you, I get whatever I want. Kiss goodbye to your money morons.