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Your S1ster Squats In Your Face- 480p

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Clip length: 00:07:19
Posted: 12/04/2014
File size: 56.67 MB
Category: Taboo
Secondary categories:
Female Domination

7:19 Recorded 1080p HD; re-encoded to 480p for smaller file size and faster download.

You come home early one evening to find your s****r working out in a very ASS revealing onesie and leg warmers. Your so hot for my ass, you can barely take your eyes off me. While in your gaze you forget that I can actually see you standing there! I turn around in astonishment, trying to cover myself up.Why are you just standing there looking at me creep? Why didn't you say anything? How long have you been standing there? You know what, I knew you had a thing for me, specifically my perfect ass. I mean, all your friends do, so I had my suspicions about you. Not to mention I know you jerk off to me every night, I hear you thru your door! You are such a pervert little b*****r!Well, I have to finish my workout. But, you are not going anywhere. You are going to get on the floor and I am going to squat over your face. And no, you are NOT allowed to jerk off while I do it. Haha.

Contains: taboo, cock tease, tease and denial, orgasm denial, female domination, exercise, ass fetish, ass worship, strong women, ass humiliation

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