Goddess Rosie

Your Ex Girl Eats Your New Girl (standard definition)

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Posted: 08/06/2017
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You get a video message from your girlfriend...only it's not your beautiful girlfriend, it's your crazy ex-girlfriend.

Oh... wondering where your lovely girlfriend is? Don't worry, I have her close by. I just wanted to tell you I was so devastated when you broke up with me and moved on so quickly. You really broke my heart, so now I'm about to break yours. Really... I'm not mad, just very very very hungry.

Oh look! Here is your girlfriend (holds up an apple)... oh yeah, she looks a bit different huh? I turned her into an apple, did I mention I'm a witch? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Mmmmm, your girlfriend looks so tasty, I bet she tastes sooooo good. Just like her pussy right? :)