Your drug Lifetime

Price: $21.99
Clip length: 00:06:55
Posted: 10/20/2016
File size: 227.3 MB
Category: Female Domination
Secondary categories:
Mesmerize , Mindfuck , Goddess Worship , Financial Domination , Brat Girls

What a bad time for you, a few days WITHOUT a new clip of me that fucks your tiny brain! You've felt like a junkie in with drawal! Have begun to buy clips from other dommes or wanted even to stop, continue to live out your fetish! But it has brought you nothing - NO ONE can give you what I do with you! My mind fucks are simply irreplaceable! Finally can you get your desired Narcotics, take your drug - as an addicted junkie! How do you feel? Give you the shot you need to - I know exactly how much you've been longing for it!