Humiliation by Rene

You Do All The Work, He Reaps All The Reward

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Posted: 04/18/2018
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Category: Cuckolding
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Humiliation , Goddess Worship , Femdom POV , Cock Tease , Brat Girls

I find it so very amusing that you do all the work and my man reaps all the reward. You're the one paying for my beauty treatments, my hair cuts, my pedicures, my clothes, jewelry, and nights out. You even contribute to my man and I going on hot dates and lavish vacations! There there, don't get upset. A true loser knows his place. You'll never be anything more than a cuckold, doing all the work to please me while another man gets all the reward!

[Includes cuckolding, femdom pov, small penis humiliation, brat princess, ass worship, female domination, humiliation, cock tease. Shot in HD.]