Goddess Christina

You Can't Stop Pt 2: Suffer in Chastity

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Clip length: 00:10:51
Posted: 02/24/2018
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Category: Chastity
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Strip Tease , Tease & Denial , Cock Tease , Desperation , Female Domination

Custom request. No name used. Sequel to You Can’t Stop. Request: This time I have undertaken 40 days locked in chastity for a bet and I have reached the last day. I am expecting my friend to turn up at my door with my money and the key, but to my surprise you turn up instead! You explain that you felt sorry about what you did last time, saw my friend and offered to bring the money and the key to me, plus give me a nice erotic dance as a treat when I'm unlocked. You place down a thick envelope of money and toss me the key. You smile as I struggle with the key trying to get it into the lock, but for some reason it won't fit. You laugh and reveal that you dropped off the real key at your home for safe keeping, you just offered to come over to tease and torment me, but I will get the erotic dance as promised though. You strip down to your underwear with garters and stockings and begin to give me an teasing dance and I look on in agony and frustration, you make fun of my blue balls and denied cock in chastity. You offer me the chance to get the real key, if I am willing to pay for it though! I offer the envelope of my winnings in desperation, you accept the money then tell me that you don't dance for free and the money in the envelope with cover that, I will just have to come up with the exact same amount to get the key back! You tell me that you will be back with the key, but not for another 40 days, adding that that should give me enough time to raise the money!