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You Can't Resist Us!

Price: $50.00
Clip length: 00:04:59
Posted: 08/11/2018
File size: 368.3 MB
Category: Double Domination
Secondary categories:
Blackmail Fantasy , Laughing , Financial Domination , Brat Girls

It's so easy for me and Lady Mesmeratrix to fuck your brain, to drain your wallet and to humiliate a pathetic loser like you! We want all of your money, fucking idiot! How can you resist 2 mean and beautiful girls like us? You obviously can't! Ahaha you're so weak, we want you to send us your ID and some humiliating pics , ahah look at you! You're so disgusting! We can't stop laughing. Follow our instructions idiot, and obey! You can't escape us!