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You Are a Cuckold with a Pin Dick

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Clip length: 00:02:41
Posted: 05/01/2015
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Category: Cuckolding
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Small Penis Humiliation

You're not a real man.  You are a loser with a tiny little dick.  Real men want to fuck hot girls, not worship their feet and ass.  Only real men get to s***p with hot princesses like me.  Hot guys are perfect like me and we have such hot sex.  I bet it turns you on thinking about me with a real man.  You jerk off thinking about a hot guy with a huge cock on top of me.  Yours is sooooo little.  All you are good for is paying for my dates with real men and doing whatever we say.  You'll never get laid.  Because no hot chick would ever want to s***p with you.  But hot chicks like me are still interested in you.  For your cash!  I like making you weak and willing to pay for me and my hot boyfriends.