Ceara Lynch

Yoga Pants and Heels

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Clip length: 00:08:56
Posted: 03/03/2019
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Category: High Heels

A pop of pink is sure to get some attention. If you are a Footboy, anything I wear on my feet will definitely grab yours. Guys will start by checking out my perfectly round ass in my stretchy yoga pants, following the tight fabric down my muscular legs all the way to my bare ankles. Imagining my pretty feet in my sexy designer heels will make your dick twitch. I always notice guys checking me out, especially when I see them looking down at my feet. I can’t help teasing men that seem so interested in my high heels. Dangling my shoes in your face, letting my heels fall to the ground so you can get the best view of my perfect feet and toes. With feet as hot as mine right in your face, how can you resist from not sucking each of my freshly pedicured toes?


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