Sherry Stunns

Wrestling For The Truth - Sherry Stunns

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Posted: 07/18/2018
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Category: Wrestling
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Scissorhold , Humiliation , Face Sitting , Smother , Female Domination

Sherry Stunns offers to wrestle in the most sultry voice and her boyfriend thinks it would lead to sex, but she is angry that he is secretly texting another chick. When he denies it, she strips out of her bra and smothers his face with her tits.

He won't admit wrong doing, so she takes things further and smothers his face with her ass. When he gets hard from the smothering, Sherry humiliates him. Those strong legs wrap around his neck and she scissors him while his responses are muffled.

She resumes facesitting because if he wants pussy, he could just come home to her! Rubbing her clit on his face, she gets close to cumming, but teases herself until he promises not to talk to that bitch anymore. When she knows that the will be faithful, she grinds until climax and leaves her juices on his face.

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