Villa Aspasia- Contessa Zoe's Playhouse

Wow Ow Red- Pin-upesque Contessa dishes out CBT & Trample on human floor * PVC

Price: $7.00
Clip length: 00:06:21
Posted: 02/26/2016
File size: 134.71 MB
Category: Trampling

Minimal dialogue, I just want to play in my boots and tenderize the floor beneath me, walking all over, enjoying the squeaks of my PVC, the feeling of floor flesh under my feels, the look of my own fit and shapely legs in boots and my sheriff socks with raven black hair. I play to the camera a bit as well. I t*****e the cock and balls of my human floor until he calls the safe word. This will have been the third cock trampling they received on the same day, well tenderized and scraped up by then muhahahahaa. I'm hot and sadistic.

Contessa Zoe