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Worship Princess in the Shower (JOI)

Price: $9.99
Clip length: 00:04:45
Posted: 04/15/2015
File size: 210.37 MB
Category: Tease & Denial
Secondary categories:
Cock Tease , Masturbation , Female Domination

Princess looks super hot in this video and you will be so turned on seeing me in the shower in my hot bikini. I bet you want to jerk your little dick thinking about being in the shower with a bikini model and dominant bitchy Princess. Ha! That will NEVER happen. But I am going to be generous and let you fantasize about it. And then you will be denied bitch! Maybe I'll let you cum in a humiliating way. You'll have to buy the video to find out how. I might even get naked behind the curtains, but for sure you won't get to see! I love teasing and denying you, loser. Hehehehe.