Ceara Lynch

Worship My Stocking and Legs

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Posted: 01/25/2018
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Nothing is more twisted than my *** rifling through my dirty laundry. I know exactly what he is looking for, but how he sniffs it out is a perverted mystery. I used to think he was going though my laundry sniffing my dirty panties, but I recently discovered he is hungrier for more than just a whiff of my pussy. Turns out, my *** loves my sweaty volleyball gear, especially my black spandex shorts. The shorts he is digging for are the ones I wore without my panties. Nothing smells better to him than his own little girl’s ripe ass and stank pussy. When I leave, he sneaks into my room searching for my dirty shorts in my hamper so he can lick and suck my fresh sweaty pussy stains right from the crotch. I decide to make a deal with my *** that I won’t wear panties to volleyball anymore if he pays. A busy girl like me needs more money in her allowance if she is going to keep doing all those sweaty extracurricular activities for you.

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