Lady Dee

Worn Smelly Ballet Slippers

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Clip length: 00:07:51
Posted: 08/10/2016
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Category: Foot/Shoe Fetish
Secondary categories:
Foot Domination , Dirty Feet/Shoes

I know you are just dying to come crawling over to these slippers and give them a nice long whiff. I've owned these slippers for about a year. Just look at these used slippers, worn on my beautiful feet, imprinted with my perfect soles. Wanna come get a whiff of my funky slippers, you pathetic foot bitch? Want to smell, want to lick, want to taste my smelly slippers? Do you want them? You actually have an opportunity to own them. I'm auctioning off my worn slippers, the lucky winner gets to stick their dick in my slippers and fuck it like the pathetic loser he is... Good luck!

Clip Contains: slipper fetish, ballet slippers, slippers, foot fetish, foot domination, dirty feet, wrinkled soles, feet, female domination