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Wonder Savannah Costello

Price: $12.99
Clip length: 00:20:15
Posted: 02/10/2019
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Category: Sleeping - Knockouts
Secondary categories:
Comic Book Role Play , Super Heroine , Upskirt , Humiliation , Embarrassment

Wonder Savannah Costello escapes from the Sultan by using her tiara to teleport away. A few days later she uses it to communicate with the Gods. She does not realize that the Sultan is hiding and hearing her conversation while taking upskirt and downblouse shots. Since he knows her weaknesses, they switch her vulnerability from her belly to her hair. All superheroines have to have some sort of foible and this seems reasonable.As Wonder Savannah prepares to leave she decides to leave the lasso at home because the Sultan always uses its truth telling properties against her. All of a sudden she hears the Sultan's voice, but does not see him. As she looks for him he takes upskirt and downblouse shots of her while she is unaware. When she finally catches him, she is angry and ready to take him to jail.The Sultan punches and kicks her belly, but Wonder Savannah only laughs at his attempts. Realizing that something is amiss, he brings out his magic spray which makes her very dizzy. He takes her mask off, which protects her and grabs her hair. Now all of her strength is gone and she is weakened.He pulls out the lasso from one of the other superheroines and wraps it around her shoulders which f****s her to tell the truth. She must reveal all of her weaknesses to him and he will have complete control over her. He wants to know how she teleports and taunts her until while he gets the answer.Once he has the information, he makes her go limp and leaves her body on the floor.

OTHER KEYWORDS-Limp fetish, superheroine, supervillain, role play, downblouse, Male domination, damsel in distress, mixed fighting, Fausta, Savannah Costello, Scott Torvea, mask fetish