Goddess Christina

Women Above Men Always: Men Belong on Their Knees

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Posted: 01/05/2018
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Category: Female Domination
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Mindfuck , Sub Training , Tit Worship , Goddess Worship , Ass Worship

Women above men always. There will never be a day where men will be the superior species. Women are smarter, more attractive, enticing, and completely irresistible. All the things a man will never be. Our minds work completely different. Women of course have the superior mind. Look at you. If all your thoughts were written out on paper right now it would easily demonstrate your weakness. The weakness of ALL men in the world. I’ll easily demonstrate my point. You can hear all these things and I can still make you weak, horny and stupid! I will pay you a compliment however. I would say you’re a very smart male. One of the few. You’ve realized your place in this world. You know your purpose. On your knees as my slave. There are so many men that haven’t figured it out yet. They don’t understand that all men belong on their knees! Women will be above men always!