Wild Belly Sounds - From Gloopy Gurgles to A Tidal Wave in my Tummy!

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Posted: 03/22/2017
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My biggest fetish has always been belly noises so when my stomach started to slosh like the sea and gurgle like a science experiment there was only one thing on my mind ;D

I'd been making videos all day and my stomach had been put through so much. I'd filled it with coke and mentos, then baking soda and lemon juice. I had a nasty case of the farts and burps and my tummy was talking to me! 

I sat down with the microphone pressed to my belly, capturing loud, wild gurgling and rumbling sounds, whilst my iPad captured the sight of my bloated belly bulging out. The gurgles from inside me were so strong that they made the mic shake as I held it to my gut! After recording my tummy for a while I couldn't hold back any longer. My hand slipped between my legs and I started to touch myself, becoming wetter and hotter with every noise that shook my stomach.

Suddenly I noticed how sloshy my tummy had become. It went above and beyond the normal noise of liquid moving inside of me - it felt like my belly was the sea and there was a storm brewing! Quickly I whipped off my leggings and decided to REALLY enoy myself...

I started to get carried away... I used my electric toothbrush to stimulate my swollen clit while a large purple dildo slipped in and out of me. I jiggled and sloshed my stomach constantly, getting off on the feeling and the sound of the liquid sloshing in my belly. I even started to fuck the top of an empty bottle, trying to get out my frustration as the noises from my tummy drove me WILD! So did the farts that burst out of my butt ;) I sloshed and I masturbated until I came hard!

I couldn't believe how much my own belly symphony turned me on... and this is one video that I will be revisiting again in the future ;D

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