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Wicked Stamen Stomping - Sneaker Trampling Human Flower -

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Clip length: 00:12:28
Posted: 05/27/2016
File size: 284.13 MB
Category: Trampling
Secondary categories:
CBT , Female Domination

Ive busted out my red flower slut costume for the last time transforming this trampling enthusiast into a stem flower to be trodden on. Im incredibly enthusiastic and good spirited, you might even say, giddy, as I play stomp and trample this flower slave in Wicked green socks, a mini skirt and green cheetah bikini with converse sneakers. The view is POV the next flower slave over, you can see the cock of my slave and occasional movement but the spotlight is on me in my element enjoying a good play and cock crushing..and body trampling.

"Straighten out that stem, youre a flower, not a worm today."