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White Miss Me Jeans Used to Tease as She Playfully Calls You Jeans Pervert and Addict

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Posted: 09/19/2018
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High Heels , Blondes , Amateur , Ass , Fetish Clothing

Brittany Lynn knows you love it when she puts on designer jeans. But you should know better because she would never let anything other than designer jeans touch her perfect ass and legs. She enjoys teasing you with her designer jeans on and this time she is wearing her white Miss Me jeans, complimented by her white PVC high heels.

As she models her designer outfit for you she teases you about being a pervert for her jeans. She knows your jeans fetish means that you will come back for her over and over again and she loves that you are a jeans devotee for her.  She has fun using her playful tone to call you things like a jeans pervert and a jeans addict.

She reminds you that you simply can't cum to regular porn. No, you need to see her and her perfect ass and strong legs filling out a designer pair of jeans. As she talks and teases the view even goes close-up to show off her perfect lower half in the Miss Me jeans.

She loves that you are her jeans addict. She enjoys knowing you will be back over and over again and she relishes in the fact that you will follow her anywhere she goes, just to get a look at the designer jeans on her body. You'll watch this video over and over again and cum over and over again, and before too much longer you will be back begging her for more.

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