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Whisky Dick Cuckold

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Posted: 01/08/2018
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Ashley totally takes advantage of your kindness and you let her because she is so hott. You drive her and her friends to the mall, out to eat, to the movies and this time you even paid for all her food and shopping. You do it because she is so pretty but she keeps you in the friend zone. Totally manipulating you but just always hope there is a small chance you might get with her. Today you bought her a very expensive pair of jeans. She is trying them on for you when you drop her off at her parents house. She sees that you are getting hard and invites you to jerk off for her. You are stunned. WHAT? Really? She is going to let you look at her and jack off? She then lets you rub your dick on the new jeans. All over her find looking ass. She says she will never get naked for you, but since you've been nice you can do this. You bust your huge load all over her ass in those jeans. Looks like you will want to take her shopping again soon!