Mistress Misha Goldy

Whipping boy - is your job

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Posted: 04/21/2019
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Category: Humiliation
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Dehuminization , Dehumanization , Sissy Training , Bi Humiliation , Femdom POV

When 1 ugly disgusting perverty sissy with small cock told me that he cant found the job wich will fit to him and asked me about best job for him, haha i offcourse I know tha best job for him and all stupid sissy bitches like him! So listen to me little pets - your disgusting looks and stupid ugly faces sooo good will be for spitting , slapping and pushing all the angry at you! When you know mans broked with girls, those girls paying you some few $ and kicking your balls from the offense and angry, imaging that you its last bf! Or mans who was kicked off from the job will imagine you like their boss and will spit at your ugly face and maybe fuck your ass! Come listen to me , i will tell you your best job!