Janey Jones

Whatever it Takes

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Posted: 06/03/2017
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Category: Blackmail Fantasy
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Nurse , Toilet S1avery , Legs

Sweetie, I thought we talked about this. You are p*******d and wheelchair-bound, and if you want me to continue being your nurse and caretaker then you have to do as I say. I really like you, and I like taking care of you, and I think we have something special together. Actually, I noticed that you REALLY like me...I've seen you looking at my legs and ass every time I walk in and out of your bedroom, and notice how you get that big bulge in your pants whenever I help you out of your wheelchair and my breasts brush up against you. So what if I use that to my advantage? A little bribe never hurt anyone, right? ;) If you take all the measures you need to be healthy, I'll let you jerk it while I show you my body...if you're an extra good boy I'll even touch you in your wheelchair...how does that sound? I think this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship....