Jess West

Wet Tight Clingy Jeans

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Posted: 06/24/2018
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Category: Jeans

CUSTOM VID You're incredibly sexy and I'd love for you to do a custom video please :) since you have both excellent taste in jeans and an incredible figure to show them off, that will be the theme :) I'd love to see you wearing a few different pairs of jeans and tight t-shirts in a pool/tub/shower depending on what you have. The idea is to get the jeans and t-shirts completely soaked so they are even tighter and more clingy. The jeans from "Jeans or Leather" and "Jeans Jerk Off" please would be perfect. For the t-shirts, ideally cropped but tied up at the front works too, just tight and no bra please! Not tank tops, actual t-shirts please :) You'll be amazing, very excited!!