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Wearing mum's dirty panties

Price: $12.99
Clip length: 00:11:35
Posted: 01/27/2018
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Category: Sissy Training
Secondary categories:
Panty Fetish , Humiliation

*custom* clip description: "I've been going over to my parents' house fairly frequently lately to help around the place because they've had a lot going on and I was thinking about requesting a video where you make me do some very similar tasks but with my moms panties and other clothes. I wanna clarify that I don't have any sort of sexual attraction to my *** at all, but the thought of wearing her underwear or clothes feels much more humiliating and the thought of the risk of potentially getting caught by my parents, sometimes they're there and sometimes they're not, while doing it is thrilling to me. So hopefully the video would involve you "dressing me up" and then giving me a chore or something to do around the house while dressed and then maybe something public or hidden public under my normal clothes or something and some JOI and CBT attached to it as well. Please let me know if this is possible or if there's something you'd need to change! That other video you made from my request was by far my favorite of yours and I can't imagine what you'd be able to do with this!"