Wanking Is Your Favorite Hobby

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Posted: 02/16/2017
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How fucking sad is it that playing with your dick is your number one hobby? No's literally true. You choose to spend all of the free time you have not at work, or with f****y commitments...stroking yourself. Lol! Wow...what on earth do you tell your colleagues when they ask what you got up to of a weekend? You can hardly admit that you edged for hours until your dick was dribbling, can you?! Yet that's actually what you do, night after night, weekend after weekend. Jerk off (again!) as I verbally humiliate you for this, laughing my bratty laugh in your face, taunting you over your digital sex life. Don't feel bad...many other hobbies take over people's lives...artists spend days painting, athletes spend years training...but at least they can talk about this with their friends. At least they have something to show for their hours of effort beyond a puddle of cum! Haha...aww, is it any wonder you're so isolated, lonely and addicted, when touching yourself down below is your favorite thing to do? Nah. You're pathetic. Cum to that thought, bitch.