Wanker At Work

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Posted: 02/16/2017
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JOI , Mindfuck , Pantyhose/Stockings , Cock Tease , Embarrassment

Wank at work, if you're still at work & you've seen this clip it's time to download it & go to the toilet & wank into those pants of yours. I know you've been thinking about me all morning anyway, I'm always on your mind, you'll be counting down the hours until you get home & jerk off over me anyway, so why not do it now! I bet you're just aching to touch your cock right now. Your pants are starting to bulge at the thought of me. Come on, sneak off, go hide away in that cubicle & play with that desperate cock. Don't drop your phone down the toilet haha. Watch me tease you, it's not going to take you long to cum, the thrill of doing this right now, your colleagues walking in & out as you're hiding away jerking over me, feels dangerously sexy doesn't it, the fact I've made you do this is just so incredibly hot, you're going to cum in seconds, wank quickly into those pants, that's it wank that hard aching cock, wank it hard & fast for me, you're going to cum in those pants & any mess on your hands you're going to lick straight up & swallow for me like the dirty little slut that you are. I bet you've just exploded everywhere, did that feel good, I bet you'll be wanting more when you get home. That's it, go & sit back at your desk or wherever you should be & carry on with what you should be doing, try not to make it obvious you've just been acting like a complete perv in the toilets