Virginity At Stake Pt 1 - The Lock Up

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Posted: 02/01/2018
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Category: Chastity
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Tease & Denial , Cock Tease

H is a submissive clip customer just like you. He first came to meet me during AVN Week of Jan 2017, when I asked him to feature in my clip 'Zero Fucks Given'. We've since formed a real-life BDSM relationship in which he serves as my film slave (see 'Playing With My Toy'), errand bitch, and virgin cuckold boytoy. I use his face for sexual pleasure, make him carry me around, and generally emotionally & physically torment him. He's living your dream. He's head over heels in love with me & wants nothing more than to lose his virginity to his Goddess, naturally.

It's been a year of dedicated servitude now, and I do so LOVE virgins. I'm considering taking his virginity, but not before I make him jump through a few more very difficult hoops. H arrives to serve me for AVN Week 2018, and I reveal my plan for the weekend; I'm going to lock him up in chastity, and he has 48 hours to earn release. If he completes everything I ask of him, impeccably well, takes every bit of abuse...I'll unlock him and pop his cherry, steal his innocence, give him the ultimate reward. If he falls short, well I'll give him his keys back, but only to be used on the plane home.

This is the only way to test a man; to take away his selfish pleasures. Don't you think he'll lick my pussy just a little better, rub my feet a little longer, fetch me things a little faster, with this motivation on the table? I guess we'll see...

And of course...I don't plan to make this fact, you'll see I take great pleasure in making this task very, very HARD ;)