Janey Jones

Virgin Cum in M0mmy

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Posted: 06/16/2017
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M***y discovers that you have had your first boner, so she lays you down and crawls on top of you to show you the best thing you can do with that boner of yours--fuck your pretty M***y. M***y rides you like a champ and has a juicy orgasm all over your dick, causing you to lose control and cum at the same time, filling M***y up with your seed. M***y immediately gets off and, with a worried expression, says, "Sweetie, you should have warned me! I am not on birth control! Oh honey, don’t worry. M***y isn’t angry. M***y will sort everything out in the morning. Now it's time for you to s***p and remember -- this is our secret. Now that you have experienced a woman, no 'girl' will ever please you. We might just have to continue this if you want to ever enjoy your boner again!” I smile and kiss you goodnight.

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