Venus In Furs (The Story Of Me)

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Posted: 04/15/2019
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I am wrapped in my precious exotic russian Furs as I read my favorite story, the greatest love story of all time, “Venus in Furs”. In my darkest Days, when I was very young, I submersed myself in a book, a very old book “Venus in Furs”. It was more than a book to me, it was a lifeline, I could leave myself for a while and live in it. It is who I am. Wanda, the cruel goddess completely made of stone. I want a Severin and settle for nothing less, my perfect masochist willing to no fault for me and me alone. When he says he’d do anything for me he truly means it. I have met, or rather created many knock offs in my life forever seeking that one, enchanting and accidentally bending men to my will. You see the problem with this is they become spellbound and weak but to a cracking point...within weeks I have them doing things for me they never thought they’d consider, willingly offering their very life if I choose to take it...months go by, I’m elated but their obsessive seemingly devoted love turns to be only smoke and mirrors. They hate me. They’ve lied to me, the whole time only pretending to be everything I could want. They spent the time fulfilling my dark fantasies, my sadistic desires that are not for the faint of heart. In time their seemingly undying love turns to hate. I understand I have an incredibly twisted, obscure sense of romance but it’s who I am. This is me. When I feel aroused I spend my time reveling in the details of my past pleasures with such clarity, taking pleasures in the things I did to them, that they did for me. There can be so much sensuality in violence when you have a willing Subject. There is something so erotic to me in having someone who loves you so completely they are willing to to give themselves completely to you to do with as you please. Perhaps one day I will write a book sharing these incredible moments. I am sadistic, perhaps too much for anyone, maybe someday someone will understand the love I see in the pain someone is willing to take for your pleasure or well being, until then I wait for my perfect version of "Severin.”