Worship Goddess Genevieve

Union Buster Genevieve (Office Domination)

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Posted: 02/21/2017
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Hi boys, I’m back once again as CEO Genevieve. This time it appears that the silly male employees of my company have formed a union and made you their representative to negotiate with me for better pay and working conditions. Silly, silly boys, you just don’t understand the concept of working at a Goddess-owned company! A Goddess CEO does not negotiate with her employee minions, she allows them the wonderful privilege of working for her in return for complete loyalty and obedience. You are all just my good little puppies, and I am your owner. And you’ve been a bad boy making such ridiculous demands, but don’t worry, Goddess isn’t mad. I know you just need to be taught to appreciate your proper place as my good, obedient little pup. After some quick hipnotit training, I have you on all fours like a good little doggie, crawling to me and begging at my feet to be allowed to stroke for my magnificent CEO boobs. After fitting you with a leash and collar, I make you do tricks as I count you down. And after sitting up, begging, rolling over and wimpering for your CEO Goddess owner, stroking at my command all the while, you’re finally allowed to cum for my perfect puppy training titties. After licking up your mess like a good pup, all thoughts of better working conditions are long gone from your empty little head, and you’re so happy to be my good obedient little pup forever. And oh, by the way, I’ve been recording our entire session and broadcasting it to the whole company! As they see you slink out of my office with your tail between your legs, everyone can see that this union is busted, and all the male employees are again properly subservient and grateful to be allowed to work for a genuine goddess, as they should be...