Kayla Jane Danger

undeserving loser boy can't touch THIS

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Posted: 09/08/2017
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Tease & Denial , Goddess Worship , Financial Domination , Femdom POV , Female Domination

I’m so sick of loser men thinking they would ever get the chance to touch Me. EW. The thought is revolting, I’m nauseated just thinking about it! Like how on earth could you be so delusional? When I get emails asking how you can worship my feet? how you can meet me etc I laugh … if you haven’t put in the time, effort and most importantly MONEY already you will probably never get the chance. So stop thinking so highly of yourself, realize that this woman has got all the MAN she needs at home on her island paradise and your pathetic existence isn’t going to add anything of value to the mix.

Goddess Kayla Jane Danger