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Underwater Fun in Mask Blowing Bubbles With Puffy Cheeks and Open Mouth Blank Stare

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Posted: 07/29/2018
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Category: Underwater
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Big Tits , Public Outdoor , Masks , Bikini , Blondes

A sexy blonde wearing a bikini and a mask is in her hot tub with the bubbles off. She is already underwater looking up and getting an early jump on the fun she wants to have. She holds her breath as long as she can and then varies what she does while she is underwater before she comes up.

Sometimes she blows bubbles in various amounts. When she comes up she takes a deep breath in and then plungesĀ  right back underwater. Of course, because her mask is on she is able to keep her eyes open the whole time.

She also does other things for fun as she is underwater. She gives herself puffy cheeks and then comes up for more air. She also lets her mouth just gape open and gives a blank stare almost as if she is out of it. When she does this tiny bubbles come out of her mouth, which she has no control over. All the action is shown in full view and also close-up.

When she is finished with her underwater fun she does one more open mouth blank stare and then pops up before floating face first and just lays there. Again she looks out of it and her limp body simply floats with the motion of the water.

Included in this clip: Underwater Fetish, Mask, Bikini, Swimsuit, Blowing Bubbles, Bubbles, Breath Holding, Hot Tub, Open Mouth Blank Stare, Floating, Float Face First, Limp Fetish, Blondes

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