Kayla Jane Danger

Understanding your Shoe Fetish GFE

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Posted: 07/14/2017
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High Heels , Foot Domination , Goddess Worship , Legs , Foot/Shoe Fetish

You've just come out to your girlfriend as a shoe fetishist, and you must be the luckiest man on earth because she isn't running away, covering her feet, calling you a pervert or swearing at you asking you why you can't just be normal! Instead she wants to understand what you like the most about her shoe collection, if you are a fan of the shoes she is wearing or perhaps another pair she has lying around. She wants to get into it, let you lick her shoes, the soles, leather and laces, she wants to understand what turns you on and gets you off and she is down to play. She tells you what you may and may not do, and takes control of the situation like a pro! Finally a woman that really seems into it, and lucky her when she finds out you are happy to indulge her own shoe fetish by buying her more as long as she lets you give them tongue baths, and feel their weight on your skin every once in a while.


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