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Under My Boots: Multi-sensory Boot Worship Fantasy - AUDIO ONLY

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Clip length: 00:12:56
Posted: 07/27/2018
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Category: Boot Domination
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MP3 , Erotic Audio , Female Domination

This is an AUDIO only fantasy for you to slip into about worshipping my shiny PVC boots, and how it might feel to worship them in person.  I talk about how I'd start training you and remind you of all of your senses as I instruct, paying special attention to

- Sight

- Scent

- Texture/ Feel and of course the 

- Sound (My voice).


I guide you through and coach you, explore your boot fetish with me future bootslut! Fall into the fantasy with my talking about clean boots, dirty boots, how to properly approach and appreciate my boots, to follow directions and pay attention to all of your senses for the greatest rewards and achieving things like

- Stiletto Sucking

- Boot Polishing and Cleaning

- Licking My boots clean

- Improving your servitude skills

- Feeling my boots on your body, face, lips


Explore boot servitude and submit to your first lesson with me, set to feel like a real time exploration, a short treat for good behaviour, fall DEEP into the fantasy with Me.

- Aspasia


P.S. Address Me as Contessa