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Turn The Tables on You

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Posted: 07/30/2014
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Ashley's big b*****r doesn't want her to wear slutty clothes to school and threatens to handcuff her to the stairs if she tries go out of the house dressed in her outfit that is too revealing. Ashley is a strong and powerful petite girl who doesn't do what guys tell her. She is strong willed and a good fighter too! As her big b*****r comes at her to put the cuffs on she wrestles him to the ground (POV) and cuffs him instead. She eventually winds up gagging him with a ballgag that she uses on her boyfriend during sex (haha) and ropes his arms to his sides too. She take cell phone video and photos of him like this and threatens and teases him about showing all her girl friends and his friends too! She makes fun of her big bro for the mmm mmm pphhh mmm sounds coming from behind the ball gag! She finally puts a dog collar on him and leash and walks him out the door (POV) to school with her. She is going to follow her around ALL day as guys gawk and look at her!