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Triple Cane Demo with Aspasia: Slave Training andCorporal Talk

Price: $6.99
Clip length: 00:06:29
Posted: 10/28/2018
File size: 568.9 MB
Category: Caning
Secondary categories:
Corporal Punishment , Female Domination

Little wooden skewers are amazing multiple use canes for someone I’m striking very hard, they're cheap and mean and easy to break down and toss or burn, which can be a fun finish to a strong pain training sesh or fantasy punishment. I cane one cheek then the other, not looking for major marks this time but just a bit. I talk about creating a memorable sting with my three sticks.  

Listen to them whoosh and watch my painslut squirm bent over a desk by a row of lockers. A casual capture of a pain slut's afternoon caning (earning some toy training, not in this video).

Watch my canes as a blurr, take in the sights of slowly pinkening skin and my awesome self as I administer a dry ..then wet caning (mint mist to take it up a notch) for them to really earn their reward


This slave had already taken a ballbusting that afternoon and managed to take this very stingy short cane sesh on top of that.. jealous?