Kelle Martina

Transformed into a Girl

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Posted: 11/13/2018
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Category: Transgender
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Sissy Training , Feminization , Forced Fem , Femdom POV

I am a guy who you have turned down, and when you do I make a comment about being too much of a man for you anyway. You play along like that comment did the trick, and decide to take me home, not to just fuck me, like I think, but also to show me I’m not much of a man at all.

You cast a spell on me that changes me into a girl more and more every time you say the trigger word, "Girl". You go through all of the changes, teasing me, laughing at me as I shrink, shift, and change, turning me all girl except for my privates, saving them for last.

Finally, you make me take my pants off to show you what I was so proud of, and upon seeing my nice looking cock, you seem impressed! "Maybe you are just enough of a man for me after all!" you say, seducing me into fucking you, saying sorry for what you have done to my manly body, and that you will fix it when we are done in bed you will make everything right.

We start fucking and it seems to be going great, but then you turn on that evil little smile of yours, and say something like, "Maybe you were right, you ARE too much of a man for me....GIRL!"

You feel my cock shrink a little inside you. You repeat this, shrinking it slowly, one time you say it you feel a ball go inside, and then say it again to get rid of the other. A third turns the sack into lips, and a forth opens them up, giving me a proper cunt.

Finally, when all I have left is a 4 inch cock above a dripping cunt, you finish the transformation with a volley of trigger word laced phrases.

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