Miss Kelle Martina

T****e: Flames Of Lust

Price: $21.99
Clip length: 00:20:57
Posted: 05/07/2018
File size: 1.09 GB
Category: Mesmerize
Secondary categories:
Masturbation Instruction , Femdom POV , Orgasm Control

How would it feel to have me take complete control of your body and mind? I will build your arousal so strong and overwhelming that it feels like flames licking your body all over. You want to feel that deep arousal, a feeling of being in heat for me. The feeling of an overwhelming desire and passion that can only be satisfied by your Goddess of Lust. Only I can give the command to make you scream. Only I can make the intensity build and flow over your whole body. Subliminal audio and visual effects to make you feel completely overwhelmed.

The hottest entrancing clip I've created to date!