Kelle Martina

Trampling Rug

Price: $8.99
Clip length: 00:08:27
Posted: 03/01/2019
File size: 431.6 MB
Category: Trampling
Secondary categories:
Smothering & Trampling , High Heels , Dirty Feet/Shoes , Female Domination

My slave, ghostboy, is bound on the floor. I am feeling like walking all over him! I decide to make in into my human doormat. With my high heels on, I tease his nipples, poking them with my heels. HIs nipple aren't the only thing I want to step on!. I crush his balls and cock under my heels, joyfully. It's not enough. I remove my heels and really start stepping on his chest, thighs, balls, everything! Wioth my full weight on his small body, he starts moaning and wailing with the pain, but I just laugh. By the time I'm done with him he will be begging for his freedom.

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