Mina Thorne

Tr4nce: New Beginnings

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Posted: 03/09/2015
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Category: Mesmerize
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Goddess Worship , Femdom POV , Female Domination

It's time to drop the charade, to free yourself of the false facade you have been presenting to those around you. It's a lie, and you cannot live a life based on false pretenses any longer. My training will free you from your false belief that you are strong, dominant, in charge of anything. Feeling my voice reverberate inside your being, each and every cell responding to my power and control, you will let go of your fake image and embrace what you truly are: a weak, submissive male who longs to submit and serve. The alpha male you attempt to project does not exist, all that survives is the weak subservient male ready to serve and obey my every whim!Mesmerize, mind control, mental domination, tr4nce, brainwashing, femdom, Goddess worship, slave training, h***0, hypn0sis

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