Too Fat For My Clothes!

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Posted: 04/03/2017
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I'm outgrowing everything I own and I desperately need a new wardrobe! Maybe you can help me buy some hot new lingerie or tight jeans?

I decided to demonstrate how hard it is to find anything that fits any more so I gathered together some clothes that i've worn in videos before and I tried as hard as I could to jam my soft, squishy, fat body into them but it was a mighty tough job to get them on... and boy did they hurt! They were SO DAMN TIGHT!

I struggled to fasten my red, silk bra which has accompanied me through many photoshoots and cosplays. My boobs spilled out from top and bottom, and the band was cutting into me so badly that I felt bruised for days afterwards! Then I tried to slip on my lacy red boyshorts... That was a mistake! 

I could hardly pull them up past my thick thighs and even when I somehow managed to get them on there was NO covering my phat, fat booty! My butt spilled out of them, jiggling and dancing around. There's just so much of it, there's not a pair of panties built yet that can hold my ass!

Afterwards I attempted to pull on my old jeans, a pair that I'd worn in many videos last year but I couldn't get them up past those gorgeous chunky thighs of mine. I pulled and yanked and moaned and groaned and just about got them to my hips, but no further! My curvy hips and round ass weren't going to welcome the denim!

Finally I grabbed my chequered shirt and started to pull it on. Immediately I knew this wasn't going to go well... it felt so tight I could bafrely breathe! I somehow managed to fasten a button over my heaving breasts and my chest almost burst through. The button was straining so hard I'm lucky it didn't pop! Attempting to button it over my jiggly chubby belly yeilded similar results and I proudly showed off my finished look to the camera.

Fat, chubby, curvy and spilling out of every piece of clothing I tried to wear, I looked like a real scruffy, slobby, greedy girl! There was no better feeling than peeling off everything at the end of the experiment. My whole body breathed a sigh of relief! I guess if I want to get bigger I'm just going to have to admit that I'm better off being naked ;)

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