Tiny Dicks Don't Measure Up

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Posted: 07/05/2017
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By now you guys know I hate little dicks. But I wanted to give you guys a real life example of the kind of cocks which just don't measure up for a Goddess like me, or any woman, for that matter. Slave H is in town, and it just so happens that he has the perfect cock....for humiliating. A measly little 4.5 inch pecker. One of those tragic cocks which tries so hard to be at least average, but just doesn't quite make the cut. Haha, bless. It'd be cute if it weren't so ugly. Allow me to demonstrate real-time why tiny penises just don't work, from comparing it to the toys I like to use, to slipping on the condoms I use with my boyfriend, to showing you how my juicy ass would swallow up most of the length before he could even make it inside my pussy. The sad, but true facts of life when it comes to having a weenie. Stroke your own inferior cock along, because you better believe I have a heavy dose of masturbation humiliation for you losers, too...