Kelle Martina

The Witch's Curse

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Clip length: 00:12:09
Posted: 10/31/2018
File size: 556.58 MB
Category: Transformation
Secondary categories:
Role Play , Magic , Femdom POV

My turn-ons and triggers:

-As the camera shrinks placing your hand with cigar on my head and f*****g me down.

If you can adding the green gas and farting sounds from the witches clip to add to the humiliation.

-Smoking, but not over sexualized, more like relaxed and aloof. Something to do while you are watching your victim and waiting for the end. One of those long brown thin cigars.

-Making the kissy sounds like from “The Witches” while teasing me as I change.

-Running the range from laughing at me, to sadistic, to baby talk. Easing me into accepting the changes in a motherly manner. Things like "there we go" and "shh."

-The changes should be painful, humiliating and horrific. Watching your body betray you is soooo hot!

-Pointing out that I am getting turned on despite my horrible fate of you turning me into a little black kitty forever and that I am losing my human mind. Talking about letting me rub my little pink dick on my new mommys thigh til I come, or jerking me off with your french tipped fingers.

-At the end, picking me up and holding me like a bb as I forget everything but you. Rubbing me with your cigar hand and kissing me with lots of bb talk.

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