Kelle Martina

The Whipping Post

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Posted: 08/11/2018
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POV , Leather , Femdom POV , Corporal Punishment , BDSM

I see, so you thought that punishment was simply a fantasy? A fantasy in which a leather-clad Mistress canes and whips you until you cry? I’ll bet you’ve jerked off thinking about that! Only, in your little fantasy, it doesn’t hurt. Let me explain something to you. It hurts.

As you present your bottom for a caning you feel the white hot sting of each cane stroke, but I’m not finished. I want to really teach you a lesson so I drag you up to my whipping post, cuff your hands, hoist you off of the ground so that just the tips of your toes can touch, then I start in on my whip. My favorite little dragon tail whip, cutting deep welts into your skin. After the screaming is finished, I take you down and remind you that punishment is real.

A stinging lesson in punishment.

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