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The Tryout Line- BALLBUSTING TRYOUTS to the last man kneeling!

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Posted: 07/13/2018
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Category: Ball Busting
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Female Domination

Time to watch these three ballbusting sluts take KICK after KICK to the balls as we round robin kick the slaves in unison, walking around them and laughing at their pain for us. Genuine sadistic Goddess laughter and cruel BALLBUSTING. We want to see who can take the absolute most ball abuse for us. Watch them curl up in pain, cup their balls, do their best to stay on their knees for us. Who knew Canadians could be so mean? LOL

We then take the biggest painslut and bring them to their knees to take them to the ground with really hard ball popping kicks! They can take a REALLY HARD ballbusting to their bare balls from our boots and buckled shoes. We also dish out some tandem kicks with 2 Mistress feet to the junk at once and get them from the back and front until they really can’t take anymore and get dropped to the ground to call RED!! HAHAHA

Featuring Contessa Zoe, Lady Shayne and Miss Xi!!!