Kelle Martina

The Truth Hurts

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Posted: 11/12/2018
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Category: Femdom POV
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Brat Princess , Tease & Denial , Humiliation , Female Domination

What is it like knowing that your dream woman lives and breathes on this Earth; that I’m not a figment of your imagination, that I’m real and that you crave me with every fiber of your being? How does it feel knowing that you’ll never have me? You’ll never be with me. I’ll never love you. Not for the normal reasons, like distance or money or age, but for the pure fact that I don’t want you. You’re not special. You have nothing to offer that other men haven’t offered me before. The truth hurts to hear. Somehow, that emotional pain, my twisting that inside you, makes you ache in a very special way.

You know you need to hear this.