Annabel Fatale

The Tone - Sissies Island - H******s triggered by a ringtone

Price: $34.99
Clip length: 00:27:00
Posted: 02/04/2018
File size: 479.97 MB
Category: Sissy Training
Secondary categories:
Mesmerize , Mindfuck , Feminization , Hypno-Robo

Welcome to The Tone - Sissies Island

 This H******s is like nothing you’ve ever experienced before! Imagine being your boring old vanilla self wandering the isle of a supermarket, suddenly your phone rings. The sound of your phone ringing instantly sends you deep into the mind of your sissy self, unable to contain the real sissy you, your voice suddenly becomes higher, your movements become more feminine and your breasts start to tingle…….

 Well, imagine no more! This H***o file is an incredibly immersive journey into the eroticism and desires that surround your need to be a sissy. It entrenches triggers that will remain long after the file is over. 

When you download this file you’ll be provided with a password to a secret page on my website where you’ll be able to download a ringtone for both iPhone and Android. Just imagine the possibilities! You could set the trigger tone as your alarm, SMS or as a tone for work, you could even give your number to your Mistress and have her call you at the most inappropriate times instantly turning your mental state into that of a sissy.

 he file uses special frequencies, sounds and images to ensure you’ll be totally immersed deep inside your sissy self.

 The ringtone can be downloaded by visiting, clicking ‘The Tone’ and entering the password contained in this clip.

 Please note, although the file does contain video, a big portion of the file requires you close your eyes as any genuine H******s would, this means that much of the file is audio only.

WARNING: Do not listen to this file while driving, operating machinery or during any activity that requires you be alert. You assume all responsibility for any outcome, negative or positive that may arise from the use of this file. This file should not be used under the influence of any substance not should it be viewed by those prone to seizures.