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Posted: 04/20/2019
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Category: Shrinking
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Giantess , Humiliation , Goddess Worship , Femdom POV , Ass Worship

Don't even think once I agree to date you, that you can just walk away! Fortunately, I have ways of dealing with my ex boyfriends...

You're talking with your girlfriend Sydney and she notices something up with you.. you can't hide anything from her. You tell her you actually want to break up with her..

She can't believe what she's hearing? You're not satisfied?? No, you see you're not the one that's bringing anything to the table, NOBODY breaks up with her, it's the other way around! Unfortunately, Sydney has been hiding a secret from you too. You see, as punishment for such an insult, she whips out a shrinking ray! Without hesitation she hits the button and suddenly you start shrinking.. shrinking.. shrinking...

Now you're just a tiny little man, shrunking at your EX girlfriend's feet. You really shouldn't have tried that, because this is what happens to ALL of her ex boyfriends.. What will she do with you? Step on you? Shove you in her ass? Whatever your fate little guy, you're never leaving Sydney AGAIN! HAHAHA!!